Find your empty leg more easily

Every day, 40% of business aircraft take off empty.
Thanks to Moove technology, it's easier to find or sell a more economical business aviation solution, with simpler implementation!

Opt for our Empty Leg solution

Find or distribute your empty legs

Myths and realities

For a fraction of the price but with no flexibility or cancelable at the last minute, Moove lets you navigate to find the best choice

With our smartleg finder, you negotiate directly with the operator to stop en route where your family or business appointment is waiting!

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Enjoy business aviation at reduced cost

The operators in our network update their empty legs in real time on our marketplace platform.

Our intelligent search tool, SmartLeg finder, determines a diversion and associated price, increasing your chances of finding an empty flight tenfold.

Exchange directly with your operator

By offering you seamless interaction with a vast network of operators, you can be sure of finding the best offer and matching it to your schedule!

Operator? is the best way for you to optimize your operations without relying on intermediaries, and increase your chances of selling those complex flights!

Your guaranteed return

With our multimodal planning technology, Moove finds you a return solution by train or commercial aviation automatically.

Like this, you can easily plan your trips, without worrying about getting back at the desired time!

The best solution for operators wishing to optimize their flights

Find your customers easily
With our 30,000 users, twenty or so partner airports and cutting-edge technology, you can increase your sales to a population that has access to your flights without the barrier of a subscription.
Make your marketing more powerful
You can also integrate our empty legs page directly into your website to simplify the sales process.

Combined with your communication campaigns, you can point directly to your latest one-way!
A transparent business model
With a 7% commission on the sale of these flights - and an OPS API connection fee of €100/month per aircraft - up-selling has never been easier!