Optimize your travel... and your flight emissions!

Moove enables direct interaction between passengers and operators, based on a centralized information system, providing the fluidity essential to finding the best CO2-saving solutions. With these tools, operators can significantly improve the average occupancy rate of flights, and offer their customers the most efficient aircraft.
smartleg finder

Optimizing empty sales legs

By improving the chance of selling an empty leg thanks to our repositioning and repricing algorithms!

With advanced intelligence and an airport search system, operators simply distribute their empty legs on their website - with a maximum chance of resale.
Corporate theft

Facilitating sharing

Thanks to our corporate flight sharing tool included in our SaaS software, all your employees can easily access shared flights.

While protecting your confidentiality, and federating your company's employees, you reduce your emissions per passenger and optimize your teams' travel.
CHOOSE the most appropriate aircraft

With a door-to-door comparison

With our 360° calculation algorithms, you can take all emissions into account and choose the most suitable aircraft!

By taking into account a range of criteria (positioning flight, ability to access the nearest airport, suitable cabin, SAF...), you have the best tool for adapting your flight schedule.

To become the leading management and marketplace for advanced , electrified air mobility ! With technological tools already available to OEMs and future operators.

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The world's first multimodal, door-to-door CO2 comparator for business aviation!
Door-to-door calculation
With only two addresses, propose a realistic route taking into account the performance of your aircraft and allow your customers to better appreciate the conditions of a flight.
Relevant multimodal analysis

Display the reality of a direct route compared to much longer commercial aviation solutions, to faithfully represent the impact of a flight.
Integrated positioning
"The Elephant in the room", by visualizing where the plane comes from and integrating it into the calculation, you offer a complete vision.
Selection of the best plane!
On this basis, you can offer the best aircraft in your fleet.

Your customers can be sure of making the best choice, and you can optimize your fuel costs.

An ambitious R&D program

Work on the distribution of empty legs and corporate flight seats within business travelers' reservation systems, with the operators of the Le Bourget hub, a forerunner of"Advanced Air Mobility".
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