Designing the first door-to-door CO2 estimator for business aviation

February 9, 2023

Designing the first door-to-door CO2 estimator for business aviation

In its approach to make business aviation more efficient and accessible to all, Moove has to offer a solution that also responds to current environmental issues. Thus, in this perspective of development and enrichment of the Moove application functionalities, the first multimodal door-to-door CO2 emission estimator has been integrated to the application.


In order to offer a live and reliable estimation, the CO2 emissions comparator integrated to the Moove application proposes numerical values, sourced and meticulously selected to offer a better vision of the carbon footprint linked to each mission. Thus, two levels of estimation are proposed, including the global emissions of each means of transport for the realization of a mission and the CO2 emissions of each passenger.


Moreover, contrary to traditional estimates, the CO2 Moove comparator proposes a new detail of the sources of CO2 emissions by taking into account the direct emissions linked to the manufacturing of the means of transport, to the construction of the infrastructures used and to the routing of fuel. Moreover, in the case of a transfer to an airport or to a distant railway station, the additional quantity of CO2 generated by this connection is also taken into account by the comparator.

(c) Rayan Saanoun & Moove


Also, by proposing adaptive values depending on the aircraft selected during a search, the CO2 estimator makes it possible to underline the choice of on-demand aviation in the case, for example, of isolated territories requiring the multiplication of regular aviation connections. Indeed, this multiplication leads to an increase in travel time as well as an increase in the carbon footprint which is often overlooked.

Moove thus offers a better visibility on this essential issue to its customers, passengers or operators, in order to set up the best means of mitigation and compensation as well as the development of the most efficient business aircraft, either for reasons of positioning (short or zero repositioning flight) or latest generation engine (Turboprop for example).

With our tool, you have all the externalities, positive and environmental, of this formidable productivity and opening up tool that is on-demand aviation!


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