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Benefits and challenges of Empty Leg flights

In the ever-changing skies of business aviation, where operational efficiency and environmental sustainability are imperatives, lies a unique challenge: the phenomenon of "emptyleg" flights. These flights, carried out by private jets without passengers to return to base or reposition themselves for the next customer, account for up to 40% of flight operations in the sector. While this practice is often seen as a costly constraint, it also conceals untapped potential.

OPTIMA, technology to put an end to empty legs

With OPTIMA, Moove is investing, with the support of the IDF region and its operator partners, to optimize the load factor of business aviation flights.

Smartleg finder, or how to find an empty leg more easily

The smart tool to buy or sell an empty leg, with dynamic pricing.

Internal Corporate Flight sharing, a performance & efficiency lever

Companies that charter or operate business aircraft now have the ability to share flights and seats with their employees simply!

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