Internal Corporate Flight sharing, a performance & efficiency lever

August 1, 2023

Share your flight? it's easy with the right technologies

The advent of digital technologies has disrupted many industries, including business aviation. Companies that charter or operate business aircraft now have access to innovative SaaS software such as Moove, allowing them to share flights and seats with their employees.

Indeed, Moove is a solution that allows all employees of a company to request seats on future flights for other colleagues, which are often not full.

Until now, this information on flight availability was not widely available within a company. Thanks to Moove, employees can now optimize their business travel by sharing their flights more easily with colleagues, thus optimizing travel costs and emissions.

Internal Flight Sharing Features (c) Moove

An optimization lever for Corporate Flight Departments

Business aviation is highly emissive in terms of greenhouse gases per kilometer flown. That's why it's crucial to optimize these flights by filling all available seats, thereby reducing the emissions and ancillary expenses that would have been incurred by employees flying to the same location. On certain missions, companies using Moove's tools have managed to fall below the carbon intensity of commercial aviation on a per-seat basis.

Permitted flight sharing can also be seen as a way for company management to remember that business aviation is a professional tool that saves a great deal of time and productivity. Indeed, by optimizing business travel, employees can be more productive and efficient in their work, while reinforcing team cohesion, which is sometimes a key element in the social acceptance of this little-known form of transport.

The challenge of seat availabities information

With the SaaS Moove, the availability of empty seats information is centralized and quickly accessible to all, with the possibility to receive notifications when a seat is available. With its passenger application, the employee can easily make a seat request that his colleagues and the operational team (pilot, manager) can accept in a few clicks.

In short, flight sharing within a known and restricted circle is a practice that offers many advantages to companies that charter or operate business aircraft. By reducing CO2 emissions, cutting travel costs and strengthening cohesion, Moove enables companies to demonstrate that business aviation is a relevant tool for the whole company when traveling to remote sites or customers.

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