Smartleg finder, or how to find an empty leg more easily

February 10, 2023

Smartleg finder, or how to find an empty leg more easily

Empty legs or "one-way" are flights operated without passengers on board with the objective of repositioning the aircraft for its future mission. They often represent a loss in cost, time and carbon emissions for operators who struggle to optimize these inevitable repositioning flights.

To meet this demand, Moove has developed the first proprietary empty legs optimization algorithm for the passenger. Indeed, since December 2022, the Moove application offers the possibility to satisfy requests that do not correspond exactly to the empty flights proposed by the operators.

This dynamic sales tool for empty legs proposes a percentage of correspondence between the initial flight proposed by the operator and the flight requested by the customer, who enters the departure and arrival airports concerned by his request. This percentage match is obtained via a real-time algorithm based on the flight segment of the empty leg as well as its initial price and integrates the marginal cost of diversion!

(c) Rayan Saanoun & Moove

The results of the search are highlighted via the new visual interface of Moove offering an interactivity and a simplicity of use without equal for the sale of empty leg, directly integrable by the operator on his website

By providing this new tool called "Smartleg finder", Moove hopes to leverage its technology to optimize these flights by offering them better flexibility, visibility and accessibility.

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