The Passenger application, a development lever for Flight Departments

February 7, 2024

The passenger application is the essential tool for flight departments to modernize corporate flight management.

In a world where speed and efficiency are crucial, flight departments are a real development tool for the companies they serve. The corollary is the need for flight schedulers & coordinators to be able to react quickly to flight schedules. For this, innovative innovative solutions can simplify their operations.

With the development of business aviation, offering a reduction in journey times beneficial to executive productivity, a passenger application application to transform the flight booking and management experience.


Simplified booking

Our passenger application offers a host of advantages for both passengers and flight departments. For passengers, it allows "on the go" booking.

Gone are the hassles of endless phone calls or tedious e-mail exchanges; from now on, booking a flight is just a few clicks away, wherever you are. What's more, the integrated signature and payment solution enables passengers to finalize their booking with ease.


Messaging & Notifications 2.0!

The Moove passenger application also offers a 2.0 messaging system, with real-time notifications and live exchange between passengers, operators and pilots. This feature enables our time-sensitive customers to stay informed quickly and easily. No more delays caused by ineffective communication; from now on, passengers and flight departments are perfectly synchronized, ready to face any challenge with serenity.



A no-holds-barred experience for flight departments

The adoption of a passenger application in SaaS mode makes it possible to supplant often outdated reservation solutions, for a reduced upfront cost and with more advanced functionalities. Connected to the OPS system, this complete software suite makes it possible to be extremely reactive in setting up the flight.

Now with 30,000 users and over 50 flights a week, Moove is enabling many flight departments to improve the booking experience and reduce the workload of flight coordination teams and management assistants.

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