Prop'up, go to the next level!

February 2, 2023

Prop'up, go to the next level!

Moove offers owner-pilots the opportunity to upgrade to the single turbine of their choice for the same cost, with the startup providing the search for co-owner companies and managing operations through its app.

Allowing pilots who own high-end pistons to fly on more efficient aircraft, it also allows co-owners to ensure their business trips with locally based aircraft at the best price and with complete peace of mind.

Prop'up !

Moove aims to make business aviation more accessible and efficient. The team is working to propose a relevant offer for regional companies, with a cost of acquisition and use that opens a new market paradigm.

The aligned interests of both parties, pilot-owners and companies, allow to maximize the use of an aircraft with a simplified and centralized aircraft management by Moove.

You are the owner of a

- SR22

- Baron

- Bonanza

- Cessna 400-series

- Piper Twin-series

and you wish to become a co-owner of a

- Piper Meridian

- Daher TBM

- Pilatus PC12

Moove will be able to offer you a perfect tool for work and pleasure, with more advanced aircraft security systems and an operation structure offering to all the essential security guarantees, facing the recrudescence of operation modes engaging the responsibility of companies without information.

Thanks to Moove, you will be able to keep a similar financial immobilization and fixed costs as your previous machine.

The most complex practical issues concern the availability of the aircraft. By centralizing exchanges and offering increased visibility of the calendar, the operational and financial benefits for customers with complementary uses (weekend leisure versus weekday return) are certain and benefit from real synergies

In partnership with local actors, airports, pilots, FBOs and operators, Moove sets up the ad hoc operation structure according to the specificities of your region thanks to its marketing and technological expertise.

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