Fly, sail... communicate!

February 7, 2024

Phone calls or emails can be particularly inefficient when booking or approaching a flight.

These methods do not always allow for fluid communication in real time, which can delay decisions or problem solving.

There may also be a lack of clarity in communication. The customer may not be able to provide all the information needed to plan the flight effectively, or operations or the pilot may not fully understand the passengers' needs and expectations.

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Another issue is the coordination of group travel, which can also be difficult without a clear, shared and effective means of communication. It can be laborious to coordinate the requests of multiple passengers and organize flight details, which can cause delays for all participants.

Integrated messaging to put everyone on the same frequency!

To address this issue, Moove presents a state-of-the-art messaging system that allows operators (pilots, OPS, sales department) to easily communicate with their customers, and vice versa. With our platform, sales people can create a flight request and an offer directly from the discussion with their customer in order to save time and improve the customer experience.

In addition, if your client wishes to travel with a group, the platform will allow the pilot to coordinate everyone's requests on the day and, above all, to inform them of any unforeseen events during the flight. Information will flow smoothly among all passengers, with notifications so that no one misses the change of FBO or the announcement of a delay without going through multiple calls or the OPS service.

Making on-demand aviation accessible to all means making it easier to bring together those who make the world go round!

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